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Video Communication Tech - Zoom

With the highest video and audio quality, bringing your team together feels just like you are in the same room. Feature-rich and simple-to-use, Zoom mobile and desktop apps bring the whole experience together with built-in cross-platform group chat.


Get daily usage reports, know your active and inactive users, and dive deep into data from each Zoom session. This helps you analyze performance and plan for growth.


Zoom has been engineered to recognize background sounds (including the dreaded keyboard typing) and suppress the noise. And when the participant begins to talk, their audio returns to optimal speaking volume.

Video Webinars

Stream to YouTube and Facebook Live to reach an unlimited live audience. Monetize your content with our Paypal integration and simplify follow-up with CRM integrations. Webinars are perfect for town halls, large scale trainings, product announcements, marketing lead generation, and more.


Mobile Meetings

Schedule, start, and join meetings all from your mobile device. Sharing content is easy -- if you can access it with your phone or tablet, you can share it in Zoom. Join meetings from your car via Apple CarPlay. Change your background image with iPhone virtual backgrounds (no green screen needed!).

Video Webinars

Zoom Video Webinars enable up to 100 video panelists to present with video, audio, and screen sharing to up to 10,000 view-only attendees, allowing you to create engaging live and on-demand content. Features include registration, reporting, Q/A, chat, polling, raise hand, attention indicators, and MP4/M4A recording (with speech-to-text transcripts). 



Zoom Rooms combine video conferencing, wireless content sharing, and integrated audio into one easy-to-use platform. Zoom Rooms run on off-the-shelf hardware, including kits from partnering vendors. Our straightforward tablet interface allows you to start any meeting with a single touch. Wirelessly and securely screen share content from your phone, tablet, or laptop with annotation. 


Rooms for Touch

Zoom Rooms for Touch has all the features you’ve come to expect from your Zoom Rooms - such as video, audio, and wireless content sharing - all running on any PC or Mac-based touch screen. It is perfect for team collaboration, brainstorming, and ideation. Invite video participants and manage the meeting, highlight and annotate shared content, and record your meeting to the cloud.


Digital Signage

With Digital Signage, you can display content and even broadcast Zoom meetings on screens throughout your workspaces. With Scheduling Display, you can reserve rooms, see upcoming meetings, and check-in all on tablets sitting outside of your rooms. Schedule time or  view upcoming meetings, and check-in on the Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display.


Conference Room Connector

Zoom’s Conference Room Connector brings your conference room hardware into the Zoom cloud. Meet with up to 500 video participants in other conference rooms, or on their mobile or desktop devices. From Polycom and Cisco conference room devices, you can start a meeting with a single tap. Configure and monitor these conference rooms through the Zoom admin portal.


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Google Workspace formerly called G Suite Free Trial Subscriptions Supported Currencies: US$, £, €, AU$, HK$, ¥, NZ$, S$ and CA$
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Automating SaaS (Microsoft and Google user accounts license management)
Software as a Service (SaaS) generates almost $100 billion a year in sales. SaaS licensing (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace etc.) can be complicated to manage, and its complexity can quickly increase as an organization grows, adding more tools and more employees. We can help you manage your accounts from a wide ranging span of SaaS solution that demonstrate we are not domain-limited!

How Much Are You Overspending on SaaS Licenses?

The recent shift to remote work has sparked new challenges for businesses—and many of you are looking for secure tools to help you collaborate and stay productive. Find out how iPuzzlebiz can help you succeed with high demand, high margin technology services.

Save time, empower your teams and effectively upgrade your processes with getting started by Google Workspace and Google Cloud Free Trials. Ask us about the practical requirements assessment and guides.

Stay on top of your team's bills
Starter Package (1 - 50 employees) We help you automatically detect the SaaS products you're using across the entire organization, and use that information to help optimize spending, improve security, and simplify IT operations. Today, the office can be anywhere–and IT must meet the changing needs of workers in different locations.

Gain insights into apps and costs
Growth Package (51 - 100 employees)

Let us introduce you a SaaS Management platform is a complete system of record, gathering all data about the people, apps, teams, and spend into a single panel, with in-depth insights available for each.

Get account updates
Scale Package (101 - 1000 employees employees)

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