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Educators can offer their students an enriched learning experience with access to the latest, most essential tech offerings — we are committed to provide the support, services, and simplicity to the classroom, helping deliver new capabilities to students and educators.


  • 24x7x365 Canada-based administrator support
  • Support for reactive break/fix, service issues, help and how-to
  • Google subscription provisioning
  • Billing with great IT equipment leasing and credit card options
  • Flexible monthly or annual billing options
  • Ability to decrease license counts or downgrade plans at no additional cost (monthly billing only)

Services surrounding Google Workspace include but are not limited to:

  • Workspace Pre-Migration Assessment
  • Workspace Mail Migration 
  • Workspace Environment Configuration 
  • Google Drive Data Migration 
  • Workspace Admin Training

In a business setting, 70 to 1 is the ideal ratio of users to IT professionals. We know in a school district with thousands of students, that is just not possible. That’s why we offer Chrome Education license to allow you to manage any number of devices from a simple cloud-based console.



How best to learn in a home environment. How to engage with teachers and classmates

Parents and guardians

Quickly preparing for becoming “teachers” themselves. Understanding how best to work with school distance learning procedures.



Teaching course material in new ways. Effectively managing and engaging a classroom. Preparing for the return to classrooms and managing a hybrid learning model.

School leaders

How they communicate with parents and guardians. Determining how best to deploy devices and technologies that cater to distance learning and hybrid models.

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Google Workspace for Education

Google for Education is continuing to improve the tools you use every day - Classroom, Docs, Meet, and many more. Same powerful tools and functionality, new name.  

GSuiteEDU is now GoogleWorkspaceEDU - With more options through Google Workspace for Education, Google is making a few changes to provide greater choice and flexibility in selecting the best educational tools. All Google Workspace for Education editions are now available!

  • Distance Learning
  • Techer Center 
  • Education on Air 
  • Celebrating 10 years of Chromebooks in education

Education Fundamentals

Empower your school with a free suite of tools that enables collaborative learning on a secure platform.


Education Plus

The ultimate edition includes proactive security, enhanced communication, and collaboration tools to deepen learning experiences.

Teaching & Learning Upgrades

Add enhanced educator tools to enrich communication and learning experiences, and guide academic integrity.

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New digital technologies have caused a shift in user experience and customer expectations, resulting in a new kind of modern buyer. Let us know your perception and expectation of what you would like to reach today! Drop us a line or schedule a demonstration.

Google Workspace formerly called G Suite Free Trial Subscriptions Supported Currencies: US$, £, €, AU$, HK$, ¥, NZ$, S$ and CA$
Contact us to get 10% off the 1st year on either the Biz Starter or Biz Standard plans.

Automating SaaS (Microsoft and Google user accounts license management)
Software as a Service (SaaS) generates almost $100 billion a year in sales. SaaS licensing (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace etc.) can be complicated to manage, and its complexity can quickly increase as an organization grows, adding more tools and more employees. We can help you manage your accounts from a wide ranging span of SaaS solution that demonstrate we are not domain-limited!

How Much Are You Overspending on SaaS Licenses?

The recent shift to remote work has sparked new challenges for businesses—and many of you are looking for secure tools to help you collaborate and stay productive. Find out how iPuzzlebiz can help you succeed with high demand, high margin technology services.

Save time, empower your teams and effectively upgrade your processes with getting started by Google Workspace and Google Cloud Free Trials. Ask us about the practical requirements assessment and guides.

Stay on top of your team's bills
Starter Package (1 - 50 employees) We help you automatically detect the SaaS products you're using across the entire organization, and use that information to help optimize spending, improve security, and simplify IT operations. Today, the office can be anywhere–and IT must meet the changing needs of workers in different locations.

Gain insights into apps and costs
Growth Package (51 - 100 employees)

Let us introduce you a SaaS Management platform is a complete system of record, gathering all data about the people, apps, teams, and spend into a single panel, with in-depth insights available for each.

Get account updates
Scale Package (101 - 1000 employees employees)

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